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Shadowsocks Client for Raspberry Pi
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What is shadowsocks-libev

Shadowsocks-libev is a lightweight secured SOCKS5 proxy for embedded devices
and low-end boxes.

It is a port of Shadowsocks created by @clowwindy, which is maintained by
@madeye and @linusyang.

Current version: 2.4.6

How to use these images

  • Get docker-compose.yml, then change SERVER_ADDR and PASSWORD.

  • Run these commands:

      # On x86 server (
      $ docker-compose up -d server
      # On x86 client (
      $ docker-compose up -d client
      # On arm client (
      $ docker-compose up -d client-arm
      # On any LAN PC (192.168.1.XXX)
      $ curl -x socks5h://
      $ curl -x socks5h://
  • Set socks5 proxy in your favorite web browser.


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