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An Alpine Linux 3.2 based base image including the s6 (via
s6-overlay), to make it super simple to start multiple process
and manage them correctly.


Use this as a base image in your Dockerfile.

FROM easysys/alpine-base

To start your service using s6:

  • create a folder at /etc/services.d/service-name
  • create a file in your new folder called run and give it execute permissions
  • inside that file start your service, for example:
set -e

# Apache gets grumpy about PID files pre-existing
rm -f /var/run/apache2/

exec httpd -DFOREGROUND

Crashes, logs, no-restarts?

s6 has a number of other options that you can use to customise
what happens when your process suddenly dies. s6-overlay also has
a guide to customising s6 (when using

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