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PHP5 on Apache (with SSL support), built on Debian
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This repo contains build files for basic Apache-based Docker images, suitable
for many web applications or for use in deriving your own, more specific images.

Included are the following:

  • apache: A simple Apache install, including SSL support
  • apache-php: The above, with PHP support
  • laravel: As apache-php, with the Laravel framework ready for your app code
  • phalcon: As apache-php, with the Phalcon framework ready for your app code

Feel free to derive images from any of the above, which are available as
eboraas/apache, eboraas/apache-php, eboraas/laravel, and eboraas/phalcon. I
do try to keep the public builds as up-to-date as possible.

They are built, by default, against my Debian images, which are publicly available
via Docker Hub, and can thus be built as-is or retargeted against other Debian
base images, if you prefer.

If you're interested, sources for my Debian images and instructions for
building your own can be found at:


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13 days ago

When runnning apt-get update I receive:
W: There is no public key available for the following key IDs:

3 months ago

Hello good evening, I am occupying your docker container but I have a doubt, how do I make it in my apache, specifically in the var folder have the www / html? I already did everything but my server does not show me and I update my server and still does not show it to me.

8 months ago

ok I exit Kitematic and kill any process that might be running docker container

macHost:~ san$ ps -ef | grep docker
501 1694 1487 0 9:10PM ttys007 0:00.01 grep docker
but still I am able to open the page from the container using this IP : ! how is it happening, another thing I noticed if I refresh I see page not found if i refresh second time I get the default page of apache, and this can continue I dont know if docker is closed how I am still able to open this page ?

8 months ago

this might be very basic question, but I just downloaded this container via kitematic and ran this command
bash -c "clear && DOCKER_HOST=tcp:// DOCKER_CERT_PATH=/Users/sanjeevkumar/.docker/machine/machines/default DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY=1 docker exec -it apache-php sh"

and I am terminal of your container, however i cannot use vi / vim or ne / nano, so I want to access this container terminal from my mac , using ssh, but its asking me password which I dont know ! not metnioned anywhere in build details either. I would very much appreciate if you can please share it. Thanks

10 months ago


First thanks for your job !
That beeing said, I have an issue with mod_rewrite, I'm trying to use CakePHP but without url rewriting it just doesn't work. Did I miss something in the documentation to activate that or should it be activated by default and doesn't work ... or not just working at all ?

a year ago

How can I access the files on container from host? Others containers have many volumes to configure docker files and local files. Here I not found. Someone can help me?

As said in the "Simple Examples" section, you should export the html directory ( -v /home/jdoe/mysite/:/var/www/html/ ) and you may do the same with the /etc/apache2 directory (-v /home/jdoe/config:/etc/apache2 )

a year ago

How can I access the files on container from host? Others containers have many volumes to configure docker files and local files. Here I not found. Someone can help me?

a year ago

@mashermack "httpd already running" can be solved by running a "docker stop" before your "docker run" command

a year ago

Hello Eboraas, I can't find it anywhere but is it possible to launch the image with support for local .htaccess files?
I can't make run any CMS with pretty URLs activated.

Second thing, this image suffers the same "httpd (pid 6) already running" problem as any other images in the docker hub; when it crashes or doesn't end the container in a clean way the pid lock file still exists inside the container and Apache refuses to start.

Thanks a lot

a year ago

You're absolutely right. Thanks!