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Reference implementation of an EBU CPA Authentication Provider
Full Description

Cross-Platform Authentication - Authorization Provider

This project contains a reference implementation of the Cross-Platform
Authentication Authorization Provider.

This software implements version 1.0 of the Cross-Platform Authentication Protocol (EBU Tech 3366).

More information on the EBU Cross-Platform Authentication project.


Ensure your system has Node.js (v0.10 or later) and NPM installed.

Getting started

$ git clone
$ cd cpa-auth-provider
$ npm install
$ NODE_ENV=development bin/init-db

Run the tests

$ npm test


The server reads configuration settings from the file config.local.js.
An example config for reference is in config.dist.js.

$ cp config.dist.js config.local.js

Edit config.local.js to set the necessary configuration options:

  • Identity provider OAuth 2 client ID, client secret, and callback URL. GitHub and Facebook are supported as identity providers
  • Database connection settings
  • Verification URL at the Authorization Provider, to be displayed to the user
  • Service provider domain names and access tokens

Initialise the database

$ NODE_ENV=development bin/init-db

Start the server

$ bin/server

Specify --help to see available command-line options:

$ bin/server --help


This project includes a Makefile that is used to run various tasks during
development. This includes JSHint, for code verification, Istanbul for test
coverage, and JSDoc for documentation.

As general-purpose tools, these should be installed globally:

$ sudo npm install -g jshint istanbul jsdoc

To verify the code using JSHint and run the unit tests:

$ make

To verify the code using JSHint:

$ make lint

To run the unit tests:

$ make test

To generate a test coverage report (in the coverage directory);

$ make coverage

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Copyright & license

Copyright (c) 2014-2015, EBU-UER Technology & Innovation

The code is under BSD (3-Clause) License. (see LICENSE.txt)

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