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% docker run ecirtap/sofia --help
/sofia/FCAPS/bin/Release/Sofia-PS -data:{Path} [-CP:{Path}][-fltr:{PATH}] [OPTIONS]

[-out:{Path} -n:{Num} -index:{Index Set}]

>>Name of the output is {output file}-patterns
 -data -- Path to the data in JSON format (see ./JSON-Examples).
 -CP -- Path to params of Concept Processor in JSON (see JSON-Specification).
     [aliases: -CB,-PM]
 -fltr -- Path to params of the filter applied to the lattice
 -out -- Base path of the result. Suffixes can be added.
 -n -- the number of objects to process
 -index -- add only objects with requested indexes (e.g. '-index:1,2,6')

General Params:
    --help - out only help, all other params are ignored
    --infoLogging:{PATH} - print INFO in a file
    --silent - minimaze output
    --paramfile:{PATH} - path to file with one param per one line
    --writeparamfile:{PATH} - write down the file with all params
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