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eclass docker container for general usage. May it be development or continuous integration.
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This container contains postgres, PHP and Apache setup'd. To run:

docker pull eclass/eclass
docker run
-e POSTGRES_DB=moodledb
-p ${PGSQL_PORT}:11211
-p ${APACHE_PORT}:80
-v ${ECLASS_DIR}:/eclass-unified

where ${PGSQL_PORT} is the port where you want to access postgres, ${APACHE_PORT} is the port where you want to access eclass in your browser, ${ECLASS_DIR} is the directory of your local eclass instance. ${CONTAINER_NAME} is the name of the container, usually just eclass. -d flag means execute the container is a daemon. The last argument is just the image name, which is eclass/eclass:2.8.5

When restarting computer or running "docker stop eclass" (or whatever you named the container), apache might not start automatically the next time you "docker start eclass". To fix this, manually start it by:

docker exec -ti eclass service apache2 start

Suppose you want to build an eclass ci container that needs some github auth key to be copied from your local machine to container's /root/.composer directory. In your dockerfile:

From eclass/eclass:2.8.5
MAINTAINER Robert Paulson

RUN mkdir -p /root/.composer
COPY auth.json /root/.composer/auth.json

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