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Eclipse RAP Demo Applications (Remote Application Platform)
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Eclipse RAP Demo Applications

The Eclipse RAP project (Remote Application Platform) provides several demo applications. This container contains these demo applications and runs them on top of an included Tomcat 7 server serving them on the exposed port 8080.

Running the Applications

The following command starts the RAP Demo Applications in a Docker container and exposes them on port 10000.

docker run -d --name="rap.demo" --publish=10000:8080 -t eclipsesource/eclipse-rap-demo:latest

Note: Some of the demo pages (e.g. the complex data demo page) require access to a lot of demo data. This data is not part of this image, it is hosted in a separate eclipse-rap-demo-data container. In order to use both images together, you need to run both containers with volumes mounted:

docker run -d --name="" -t eclipsesource/eclipse-rap-demo-data:latest
docker run -d --name="rap.demo" --publish=10000:8080 -t eclipsesource/eclipse-rap-demo:latest

Accessing the Applications

The RAP demo applications are then reachable at localhost on port 10000 from a web browser. Depending on the RAP version the URL differs:

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