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docker images for python projects (jupyter environments)
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git clone
git checkout <project-name>

docker-compose up jupyter or, if you want to customize something you can do that on one level deeper: docker pull ecox/modelling-python:<name-of-project> and docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8888 -v $PWD:/home/jovyan/work ecox/modelling-python:<name-of-project>

Whenever you feel you need to modify the docker image after the project started, make sure that all ipynb works. Most probably you want to create a new branch for the new image.

run script inside containers


This runs the default python script ( inside a container. Output is written in file (name is combined from container id, script name and timestamp)
Specifiy script and container if you need to.
bash, container_id


Let's assume that you want to start a new project, you need a new environment.
First, you should create a new branch:
git checkout -b <name-of-project>
Push that branch to github:
git push origin <name-of-project>
modify Dockerfile, consider modifying docker-compose.yml
git commit, git push
the corresponding docker image will be created automatically

Docker Pull Command
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