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An IRC meetbot based on openstack branch of meetbot.
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This is based on J J Asghar meetbot docker definition: but adapted to our needs,
and grabbing the openstack meetbot which allows #startvote

This is a docker container to get meetbot running and only needing your specific configurations.


Pull the latest version of the image from the docker index. This is the recommended method of installation as it is easier to update image in the future.

docker pull edacoreinfra/meetbot:latest

Alternately you can build the image yourself.

git clone
cd docker-meetbot
docker build -t="$USER/meetbot" .

Quick Start

Run the image

docker run --name="meetbot-running" -d -p 81:80/tcp \
          -v /root/docker-meetbot/conf:/conf \
          -v /root/docker-meetbot/data:/data \
          -v /root/docker-meetbot/logs:/logs root/meetbot

It has a meetbot.conf in the repo that'll connect to freenode

When you are ready for this bot to connect and you start using it i suggest
you pull down the main meetbot code, and
run the Configuring SupyBot section. Grab the files that are outputted, copy
them into the directory you want to use as your /conf directory and rename the
_<your_bot_name.conf>_ to meetbot.conf

You should see your bot in the IRC channel of your choosing in a few seconds.

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