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This repo was somewhat experimental and predates further work by
Carl and Dirk in the Rocker organization
and its repositories. Please see the core
rocker repository (providing
containers for base R, R and RStudio as well R-devel builds) as well as the
associated other containers such as
Hadleyverse or

If there is interest we may revive this RStudio and iPython/Jupyter
container within the Rocker organization.

Older notes remain below.

Docker for Software Carpentry

This repository contains a (at this point very speculative) Dockerfile which
defines an image with software used in Software Carpentry bootcamps.

At this point, this is really just to see if a Dockerfile would be useful.

Getting Started

docker run -d -p 8888:8888 -p 8787:8787 --name swc cboettig/swc
  • boot2docker users (Mac/Windows): run: boot2docker ip to get the IP address (<ip> below). Linux users can just use localhost.

  • For RStudio Server, go to: http://<ip>:8787

  • For an iPython Notebook, go to: http://<ip>:8888

  • For a bash terminal, instead do:

docker run --rm -it cboettig/swc /bin/bash

To save your work:

docker commit swc user/swc

Note that swc is the name we gave when running the container above, while user/swc can be any name you choose for your saved image. Use this name in future in place of cboettig/swc to launch
your saved container.

Possible TODOs

  • add Anaconda: default install starts from a 300mb which seems like overkill
  • add Python IDEs: with Wing or PyCharm; both have installers; or just Spyder?
  • add X11 exporters as described here ?

Docker Hub

This repository is linked to an
automated build facility at Docker
and one can retrieve the corresponding images via a standard docker pull.

See Also

There are more images available for Docker for R.


Carl Boettiger & Dirk Eddelbuettel


GPL (>= 2)

Docker Pull Command
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