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Docker container for DLNA (minidlna) and TorrentBox (Deluge-WebUI) with RSS (flexget)
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Docker container for DLNA (minidlna) and TorrentBox (Deluge-WebUI) with RSS (flexget).

Main Features

Deluge Web UI

Deluge Web User Interface with awesome features:

  • Password protection (default password is deluge and you'll be asked if you want to change it)
  • Auto load torrents from any location
  • Stop seeding torrents after [number] ratio is reached
  • And many more!


Flexget has advanced configuration and is capable of reading torrent site RSS and auto adding TV Shows to the queue as soon as new episode is being released. It can also scan RSS for released movies and compare them to IMDB for ratings, vote numbers, release year, genres to make a decision if it's worth being added to the download queue.


Minidlna is a very lightweight and very fast DLNA server that servers content instantly when they arrive without any media scan.

Docker run

Below are a few examples of how to get running this container.

To run this container with random exposed ports, use -P flag. Please note, that Web UI will be port assigned to container's 8112 port.

docker run --net=host --name torrent-box -P -d edgaras/dlna-torrentbox:latest

You can mount data volume (container's /home/) to your filesystem location (i.e. /home/dlna/) try the following command:

docker run --net=host --name torrent-box -P -v /home/dlna:/home -d edgaras/dlna-torrentbox:latest

Assign 80 port to Deluge Web UI with the following:

docker run --net=host --name torrent-box -p 80:8112 -P -d edgaras/dlna-torrentbox:latest


To configure Flexget RSS, run the following command:

docker exec -ti torrent-box vi /root/.flexget/config.yml
  • rss: - change this to your RSS feed URL.
  • series - change to your preferred TV Shows.
  • imdb - change to your preferences what kind of movies will be automatically downloaded compared to these IMDB settings.


As crontab is not working inside container, you have to setup on the host Operating System your cron schedule. This simply can be done by entering crontab -e command and adding the following line:

@hourly docker exec torrent-box flexget execute
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Comments (2)
a year ago

Thanks for the new version, but it still doesn't work. When I log in to the container and cd into the home directory, I can see there are some files with "??" instead of the german Umlaute.
Any idea?
Thanks for the help!

a year ago

until yesterday it worked perfectly, but now I get
"Your locale declares ascii as the filesystem encoding. Any plugins reading filenames from disk will not work properly for filenames containing non-ascii characters. Make sure your locale env variables are set up correctly for the environment which is launching FlexGet."
and the DLNA Server doesn't show any files- Yes, I have some Files and folders with chars like "ä", "ü", "ß" etc.
Any idea?
Thanks for Your help!