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OpenKM with tomcat bundle and java-jre on ubuntu base image
Full Description

OpenKM Community

Using the DMS/KM OpenKM open source community edition and tomcat bundled from the official OpenKM website on top of the ubuntu base image and java-jre. Best for using with a MySQL Server image as database backend and a NGINX Image as a reverse proxy. By default OpenKM uses a local database inside the container.

Whats included in this:

  • Ubuntu base image
  • OpenKM 6.3.2 Community (part of the bundle)
  • Tomcat 7.0.xx (part of the bundle)
  • packages: unzip, default-jre, wget


latest, 6.3.2 OpenKM 6.3.2 Community with tomcat 7 (total 909.6MB) [Dockerfile]

Container Structure

Simple schema
Base Image -> Ubuntu
 \--- Tomcat Server 7
  \--- OpenKM applet
|--- default-jre, unzip, wget, apt...
Key folders

Tomcat server -> /opt/openkm/tomcat/
Tomcat webapps -> /opt/openkm/tomcat/webapps/
OpenKM deployment -> /opt/openkm/tomcat/webapps/OpenKM/

Key files

OpenKM.xml; OpenKM.cfg -> /opt/openkm/tomcat/
OpenKM.war -> /opt/openkm/tomcat/webapps/OpenKM.war
web.xml -> /opt/openkm/tomcat/webapps/OpenKM/WEB-INF/web.xml
server.xml; tomcat-users.cml; web.xml;;; context.xml -> /opt/openkm/tomcat/conf/

Default credentials
  • User: okmAdmin
  • Password: admin

Useful commands for managing this container

Start a new OpenKM6 container

docker run -d -p 8000:8080 --restart="always" eduardomota/openkm6:latest

Share/mount host filesystem folder to OpenKM to container

docker run '...' -v "/apps/openkm/datashare":"/datashare"

Root access container while running

docker exec -it CONTAINERNAME bash


docker exec -it CONTAINERNAME /bin/bash

Stop server

NOTE: stoping the PID 0 process with shutdown the container

/opt/openkm/tomcat/bin/ stop

Force stop server

NOTE: stoping the PID 0 process with shutdown the container

/opt/openkm/tomcat/bin/ stop -force

Check configuration

NOTE: a misconfigured or crashing tomcat configuration will prevent container from starting.

Always check the configuration after changing tomcat settings or configs

/opt/openkm/tomcat/bin/ configtest

Install nano text editor

apt-get install -y nano
Docker Pull Command