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.Net Core + Angular 2 + WebPack Seed App
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Welcome to ASP.NET Core

We've made some big updates in this release, so it’s important that you spend a few minutes to learn what’s new.

You've created a new ASP.NET Core project. Learn what's new

This application consists of:

Sample pages using ASP.NET Core MVC
Gulp and Bower for managing client-side libraries
Theming using Bootstrap
How to

Add a Controller and View
Add an appsetting in config and access it in app.
Manage User Secrets using Secret Manager.
Use logging to log a message.
Add packages using NuGet.
Add client packages using Bower.
Target development, staging or production environment.

Conceptual overview of what is ASP.NET Core
Fundamentals of ASP.NET Core such as Startup and middleware.
Working with Data
Client side development
Develop on different platforms
Read more on the documentation site
Run & Deploy

Run your app
Run tools such as EF migrations and more
Publish to Microsoft Azure Web Apps
We would love to hear your feedback

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