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Subsonic 6.0 with FreeNAS metadata.
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This is a Dockerfile for Subsonic version 6.0 based on the hurricane/subsonic image with FreeNAS Corral Docker metadata.

Subsonic is an open source, web-based media server. Subsonic supports streaming to multiple clients
simultaneously, and supports any streamable media (including MP3, AAC, and
Ogg). Subsonic also supports on-the-fly media conversion (through the use of
plugins) of most popular media formats, including WMA, FLAC, and more.


Environment Variables:

Most default settings can be adjusted by passing the appropriate environment
variable. Here is a list of any and all applicable environment variables that
can be override by the end user.

ENV VAR Definition
APP_USER Name of user the service will run as.[3]
APP_UID UID assigned to APP_USER upon creation, or will query APP_USER's ID.[2]
APP_GID GID assigned to APP_USER upon creation, or will query APP_USER's GID.[2]
HTTP_PORT App's Web UI port used to configure and access the service.[1]
HTTPS_PORT App's Web UI SSL port used to configure and access the service.[1]
TZ Timme Zone. Ex. "America/New_York" [1]

[1]: Variable is applicable during install, when invoking installed wrapper script or systemd service.
[2]: Variable is applicable only during Docker container creation.
[3]: Variable is applicable in all scenarios.

  • The default UID and GID 1000.
  • The default HTTP_PORT is 4040
  • If you set HTTPS_PORT to something else other than 0 all HTTP request will be
    redirected to HTTPS.


  • /subsonic - Folder to store Subsonic's log, configuration and database.
  • /music - Default music folder.
  • /podcasts - Default podcast folder.
  • /playlists - Default playlists folder.
  • /media - Parent folder for all media types. Allows user to map only one volume for all media types instead of isolated volumes for each media type.


  • APP_USER=subsonic
  • APP_UID=911
  • APP_GID=911
  • HTTP_PORT=4040
  • /media:/mnt/tank/media
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