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Piwik to be used with an reverse proxy.
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What is Piwik?

Piwik is a popular open source web analytics platform.

This Docker container strives to be a production-ready flexible solution to use Piwik connected to your choice of MySQL database. It features nginx and PHP-FPM, and is built on top of the baseimage-docker container from Phusion.

Getting Started

Piwik connects to a MySQL database. You have your choice of running that in a separate container alongside the Piwik container on the same Docker host, running it on an entirely separate server, or even using a hosted MySQL solution (such as Amazon RDS). All of this information is passed along to the Piwik container in environment variables at container creation time, and the environment variables are listed below.


Set DB_HOST to the IP address or domain name of the MySQL database you would like to connect to. Alternatively, link the Piwik to a MySQL container with the name db_1.


Optionally, set DB_PORT to the port on which your MySQL database is listening. Alternatively, link the Piwik container to a MySQL container with the name db_1.


Set DB_USER to the MySQL user that Piwik will use. This does not need to be a superuser, but it does need to have all permissions on the database specified by DB_NAME.


Set DB_PASSWORD to the MySQL password that corresponds with DB_USER.


Set this to the MySQL database name that Piwik will use. This database should already exist, and DB_USER should have all permissions for it.


Optionally, set DB_TABLES_PREFIX to whatever you would like Piwik to prefix its table names with. Default is piwik_.


Optionally, set the character set that should be used for the MySQL tables. Default is utf8.


Optionally, set PIWIK_SEED_DATABASE to true if this is a fresh install to a new database. The database schema and a sample site will be loaded into the database.


Set PIWIK_USER to the administrator username you want to use for Piwik.


Set PIWIK_PASSWORD to the admininistrator account password you want to use.


Piwik is an internationally registered trademark, and copyright and license information is available here:

This container also includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from

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