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All in One edu-sharing Repository with Renderservice and Moodle Plugins
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edu-sharing 4.0.1 (23.03.2018)
Our documentation can be found here:

This docker contains the edu-sharing repository version 4.0.1 Tagname:
and the edu-sharing rendering service and two connected Moodle LMS with the edu-sharing Plugin.

Docker images of older Versions

edu-sharing Repository Version 3.2.0 connected to the edu-sharing rendering service and two Moodle LMS with the edu-sharing Plugin
edu-sharing Repository Version 3.0.12 connected to the edu-sharing rendering service and two Moodle LMS with the edu-sharing Plugin

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What is edu-sharing?

edu-sharing is a self-hosted repository system. Unlike other file hosting systems it can be used to store documents, weblinks, LMS-courses and links to instances of tools such as etherpad together with the corresponding meta data.
Depending on the configuration edu-sharing is mainly used as:

an open source e-learning repository,

Store, manage and share your content in a professional content management system and use it in systems like Moodle and MediaWiki.

a search engine for media and learning content or

edu-sharing offers all the tools you need for the implementation of OER search engines and media distributions.

a secure cloud solutions for shared e-learning infrastructures

Share your e-learning infrastructure with your partners and offer more tools with less hassle.

How to use this image

exposing the port

docker run -d --name=edu4.0  -p 8080:80  edusharing/repo-rs-moodle:

The startup may take a few minutes.
Then you can open http://localhost:8080/edu-sharing or http://host-ip:8080/edu-sharing in your browser.

name: admin
password: admin

Do not use this image in production environment, it is for demo and test purposes only.

data volume

data for : Index, Postgres, Alfresco-Contentstore

docker run --name=edu4.0 -d -p 8080:80  -v /your/folder/alf_data:/opt/alfresco/alf_data


The moodle instances can be found here:


environment variables


Supported Docker versions

This image is officially supported by Docker version 1.11.0.

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