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Docker Image with Node that will auto-pull codebase using the specified Git repo
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Docker Image with Node and with Automatic Git Deployment functionalities including Webhooks


Available Configuration Parameters

The following flags are a list of all the currently supported options that can be changed by passing in the variables to docker with the -e flag.

  • GIT_REPO : URL to the repository containing your source code
  • GIT_BRANCH : Select a specific branch (optional)
  • GIT_EMAIL : Set your email for code pushing (required for git to work)
  • GIT_NAME : Set your name for code pushing (required for git to work)
  • SSH_KEY : Private SSH deploy key for your repository base64 encoded (requires write permissions for pushing)
  • WEBROOT : Change the default webroot directory from /var/www/html to your own setting
  • TEMPLATE_NGINX_HTML : Enable by setting to 1 search and replace templating to happen on your code
  • DOMAIN : Set domain name for Lets Encrypt scripts
  • GIT_HOOK_TOKEN : Auth-Token used for the docker-hook listener
  • STARTUP_COMMANDS : Add any commands that will be run at the end of the script
  • AFTER_PULL_COMMANDS : Add any commands that will be run after pull
  • AFTER_PUSH_COMMANDS : Add any commands that will be run after push

Dynamically Pulling code from git

One of the nice features of this container is its ability to pull code from a git repository with a couple of environmental variables passed at run time.

Note: You need to have your SSH key that you use with git to enable the deployment. I recommend using a special deploy key per project to minimise the risk.

Preparing your SSH key

The container expects you pass it the SSH_KEY variable with a base64 encoded private key. First generate your key and then make sure to add it to github and give it write permissions if you want to be able to push code back out the container. Then run:

base64 -w 0 /path_to_your_key

Note: Copy the output be careful not to copy your prompt

To run the container and pull code simply specify the GIT_REPO URL including git@ and then make sure you have also supplied your base64 version of your ssh deploy key:

sudo docker run -d -e '' -e 'SSH_KEY=BIG_LONG_BASE64_STRING_GOES_IN_HERE' richarvey/nginx-php-fpm

To pull a repository and specify a branch add the GIT_BRANCH environment variable:

sudo docker run -d -e '' -e 'GIT_BRANCH=stage' -e 'SSH_KEY=BIG_LONG_BASE64_STRING_GOES_IN_HERE' richarvey/nginx-php-fpm


docker-hook listens to incoming HTTP requests and triggers your specified command.

It is included in /usr/bin/docker-hook

There is a listener script copied to /usr/bin/hook-listener that will auto-start

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