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Build Erlang 64bit from source WITHOUT hipe, java support, pdf/html (wxtools tagged with -wxtools).
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Docker Image packaging for Erlang

#What is it?

Docker container images that include Erlang/OTP. Rebar and Relx are not part of official Erlang distribution and each has its own release cycle. If you need those tools, you need to add those yourself.

The latest versions of Erlang/OTP are provided as tags.

#What can I use it for?

Use it to try out the erlang shell, as an erlang development environment, or use it as a base image for your own erlang applications.


Start a throwaway instance of the erlang shell

docker run -it --rm edwardt/docker-erlang

Run a container to use a development environment

docker run -it --name erlang-dev edwardt/docker-erlang /bin/bash
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