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Node JS w/ chaperone process manager
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Nodejs Docker Image

Generic Node Docker image with Chaperone.

The image is based on the official node image, and extends it with chaperone.

Base docker image

Source code


The usage is similar with the official node image, with some minor changes:

  1. Dockerfile
    <code>FROM eeacms/node</code>
    It's not needed because eeacms/node has a default entrypoint what will start /code/app.js with chaperone. This can be overwritten in the applications Dockerfile
    A specific ENTRYPOINT what takes advantage of chaperone should look like:
    <code>ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/local/bin/chaperone", "/path_to_application/my_app.js"]</code>
  3. CMD
    eeacms/node defines a default CMD: "runserver", so by default it's not needed to be specified in the Dockerfile
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