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All-in-one scan station building-block for the Raspi
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RaspberryPi Scan Station

This implements a Raspberry Pi based scan station. The image is based on
scanbd and sane. By default, the configuration arranges to
trigger the action.script in the directory /usr/share/scanbd/scripts of the

To be able to scan, you should give the container access to the USB
subsystem, using a command similar to the following:

docker run -it --rm --device /dev/bus/usb efrecon/armv7hf-scan

The container exposes two volumes that you might want to mount somewhere else in
order to either collect the scans or to perform more complex operations:

  • /var/spool/scan is the default location where the script that is triggered
    on button presses will be storing the scanning results.

  • /usr/share/scanbd/scripts is the directory location of the action.script
    that is triggered for all button presses. You could place your own script if
    you wanted to implement more complex operations. The container already
    contains an installation of ImageMagick and Tcl to help in ironing
    out more complex tasks.

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