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A micro-sized httpd. Start serving files in seconds!
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This is a docker component that leverages a minimalistic, but working HTTPd in
Tcl. The HTTPd implementation comes from the til.
Being based on a micro-sized Tcl core image,
this results in an image just above 20MB.

The component has the following features:

  • It serves on the HTTP alternative port, i.e. 8080. Run the component with
    -p 8080:8080 or the host port of your choice.

  • It exports a volume at /opt/www which is the root of the directories that it
    serves. Arrange to mount to that directory a local directory using an option
    like -v /var/mywww:/opt/www:ro. Using the ro is probably a good idea to
    increase security if you just want to serve files.

  • You can access logging through mounting the volume /opt/log if

  • You can provide it with a pair of public and private key with the -pki option
    to make it serve requests on HTTPS instead of plain HTTP. The current
    implementation serves as many protocols as possible.

  • You can make it protect some or all directories that it serves using the
    -authorization option. This is a list which is a multiple of three, its
    elements being, respectively: a glob-style pattern matching the paths to
    protect, a Realm, a list of user:password specification (with the separating
    colon). The list can be sourced from a file instead, specify a @ followed by
    the path to the file as the value for the option. You can use the /opt/data
    exported volume to mount that file from your local host.

This component is only meant to server files on HTTP. It allows directory
listing. The underlying web server module is actually much more capable than
that: websockets, REST, etc. But none of these features surfaces here to keep
the component to a bare minimum when it comes to features and functionality.

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