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Alpine based localtunnel client
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This is a minimal docker image for the localtunnel
client based on Alpine linux. localtunnel exposes your localhost to the world
for easy testing and sharing. More information can be found
here. All options passed to the
container are passed further to the client. The list of options is as follows
(taken directly from the client

  • --host: Upstream server providing forwarding
  • --subdomain: Request this subdomain
  • --local-host: Tunnel traffic to this host instead of localhost, override Host header to this host
  • --open: opens url in your browser
  • --port: Internal http server port

To use this from docker, create a web server container, link to that container
from the localtunnel container and specify the port and host of the web
container using the --local-host and --port options. So, in other words,
write according to the following skeleton if you were using
compose. Note that you should use the
internal port (not the mapped port) when referring to the web container.

  [your web config]
  image: efrecon/localtunnel
    - webserver
    --local-host webserver --port 80
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