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A simple no-fuss STOMP-only server
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This is a simple STOMP server.

To build:

docker build -t efrecon/stomp .

To run with high verbosity:

docker run -it --rm -p 61613:61613 efrecon/stomp -verbose 5

The server has simple support for the following features. To bring up
the full list of options, call it with -?:

  • Authentication of users through the -users option, which should
    contain a list of colon separated user names and password,
    e.g. user1:mysecret user2:anotherpass.

  • Encryption using TLS. Encryption is turned on and controlled using
    the option tls. When set to a negative boolean (false, 0 or
    off will work), traffic is not encrypted. When set to a positive
    boolean, traffic is encrypted. When set to strict, the server
    requires the peers to have maching certificates.

To get you going, self-signed certificates can be created using
OpenSSL and the following commands (adapt to your own needs):

openssl genrsa -out server-private.pem 2048

openssl req -new -x509 \
        -key server-private.pem -out server-public.pem \
    -batch -days 3650 \
    -subj "/countryName=SE/stateOrProvinceName=Stockholm/localityName=Kista/organizationName=SICS/commonName=stompserver/"

The Dockerfile creates a volume called /data so you can try
mounting this volume onto a local directory, so as to ensure access to
certificates, for example.

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