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Varnish Alpine image allowing for custom config file, and templating!
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A very small Varnish docker image based on Alpine Linux, with

  • Templating support (via gomplate)
  • querystring vmod included

Based upon thiagofigueiro/varnish-alpine-docker

Includes a metrics endpoint suitable for use with Promemetheus, using

Environment variables

  • VARNISH_MEMORY - how much memory Varnish can use for caching. Defaults to 100M.
  • VARNISH_GOMPLATE_FILE - a template file to use, filled in with your environment variables. No default set. Needs VARNISH_CONFIG_FILE set.
  • VARNISH_CONFIG_FILE - path to a VCL file. Use this _or_ the two options below:
  • VARNISH_BACKEND_ADDRESS - host/ip of your backend. Defaults to
  • VARNISH_BACKEND_PORT - TCP port of your backend. Defaults to 80.
  • VARNISH_SKIP_METRICS - Skip exposing a metrics endpoint.

Quick start

Run with defaults:

docker run -Pit --name=varnish-alpine egeland/varnish-alpine-docker

Specify your backend configuration:

docker run -e VARNISH_BACKEND_ADDRESS=a.b.c.d \
           -e VARNISH_BACKEND_PORT=nn \
           -e VARNISH_MEMORY=1G \
           -Pit --name=varnish-alpine egeland/varnish-alpine-docker

Build image locally:

git clone
cd varnish-alpine-docker
docker build -t varnish-alpine-docker .



As of version 5.0.0 the generated image follows a semver versioning scheme.

See the for details of each release.


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