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Command Line Interface Tools to Manage MySQL 5.x Servers
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This repository contains a simple Docker image that will setup the command line interface (CLI) tools used to manage MySQL servers. This is useful usually to people that cannot easily install the mysql CLI tools to their machines or those are not available (e.g. macOS users). In order to use it please follow the below steps:

Step 1: docker pull egonbraun/mysql-cli
Step 2: docker build -t egonbraun/mysql-cli:latest .
Step 3: docker run -it mysql-cli

The last step will open a shell as root so you can start running the tools you need. ; -)


Keep in mind that the tools listed here are part of the MySQL 5.6 packages.

  • mysqlbinlog
  • mysqltuner
  • mysql_embedded
  • mysql
  • mysqlcheck
  • mysqlanalyze
  • mysqlrepair
  • mysqloptimize
  • mysql_waitpid
  • innotop
  • mysqlreport
  • mysql_client_test_embedded
  • mysql_config_editor
  • mysql_find_rows
  • mysqldumpslow
  • myisam_ftdump
  • mysqlimport
  • mysqlbug
  • mysql_fix_extensions
  • mysqlshow
  • mysqladmin
  • mysqlaccess
  • innochecksum
  • mysqlslap
  • mysqldump
  • mysql_client_test
  • mysql_plugin

Note: Unofrtunately, since version 5.6 mysql-client does not provide mysqlbinlog. So, in order to have that available to us we need to install the whole server. #sorry


Here are the volumes created as part of this image so you can for example export data from your MySQL server and store it locally.

  • /mnt/data
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