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Certificate Generator for Docker
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Docker Cert Tool

CertTool is a simple tool to generate TLS certificates and keys for use with


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docker run --rm ehazlett/cert-tool -h

Generate CA and client certificates / keys

docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/certs:/certs ehazlett/cert-tool -d /certs -o=local

This will generate a CA using the org "local" and a client certificate.

Generate CA, client and server certificates/keys

docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/certs:/certs ehazlett/cert-tool -d /certs -o=local -s localhost -s -s foo.local

This will generate a CA using the org "local", a client cert, and a server
certificate that is valid using the DNS names "localhost" and "foo.local" as
well as the IP ""

Integration Tests

To run integration tests, use ./script/test. This will run the integration
tests in a container to validate proper usage.


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