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EiffelStudio environment to contribute to tools, libraries on the "edge" (trunk)
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Docker containers for Eiffel Programming Language:
notes: about tag conventions:

  • latest: related to Latest EiffelStudio official release.
  • dev: related to latest EiffelStudio "dev" release
      and ISE_LIBRARY is set to EIFFEL_SRC (a checkout of EiffelStudio trunk source code). with tags

  • "latest" which is a debian machine with latest official release of EiffelStudio (17.01 for now)
  • "dev" which is a debian machine with latest "dev" release of EiffelStudio (See ) with tags

  • "latest" from container "eiffel/eiffel:latest" and additional tools like tmux, subversion, git, vim, ...
  • "dev": similar to "latest", but built from container "eiffel/eiffel:dev" and except it checkouts the eiffelstudio source code (trunk), and set EIFFEL_SRC, and ISE_LIBRARY accordingly. with tags

  • "latest": from eiffel/develop:trunk container, its compiles an iron repository server, and run it listening on port 9090. It also provides via $HOME/iron/scripts/ a way to upload iron packages from the EiffelStudio source code (trunk) into that local iron server.
  • "trunk": from eiffel/iron:latest container, in addition it uploads iron packages from $EIFFEL_SRC to the local iron repository server.
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