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Sunsurfers Application Backend
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We are the Sunsurfers, we live in the current moment - everyday, anytime. This
application helps us to explore the world, to connect to each other, to be kind,
to make a good deeds.

What's that about? It is about travelling, adventures, inspiration and

This app will help you to find interesting places and open people near you and
around the world. It will try to make you the Sunsurfer.

Run for Development

Clone the repo, create virtualenv and install requirements:

git clone
cd sunsurfers
virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

You will need a PostgreSQL server with PostGIS extension to run Sunsurfers, if
you don't have it yet, just follow the
GeoDjango guide.

If you have PostgreSQL up and running, then create a sunsurfers database with
PostGIS extension enabled:

createdb sunsurfers
psql sunsurfers <<< "create extension postgis"

Create the database structure and load some initial users and quests for development:

./ migrate
./ loaddata initial_data

And then you should be able to run the development server:

./ runserver

Which would be accessible on http://localhost:8000/.

Admin interface: /admin/ (admin password: admin)

REST API: /api/v1/

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