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Client site for polling machine
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Poll Machine


  • In order to to run Poll Machine, you need an accessible docker host to run docker-compose.
  • If you are running on Mac or Windows, you can use Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows.


  1. Clone this project or download and extract ZIP file.
  2. cd /polling-machine
  3. Run docker-compose up
  4. Navigate to http://$DOCKER_HOST

Note - This project assumes development docker host will run on If you want to change this, you can modify ${WORKSPACE}/polling-machine/client/development.js to use another IP address.

Targeting - The docker-compose.yml file currently targets the development configuration when running the client container by using gulp development. This can be changed by replacing development with one of the other possible environment targets (local|staging|release)

Poll Machine Stack

  • Go-lang
  • Redis
  • PostgresSQL
  • Javascript / AngularJS
  • Gulp
  • NGINX (Reverse proxy)
  • Docker


  • [X] As a user I would like to create an account so that I can create and manage my polls.
  • [X] As a user I would like to create a poll so that I can share it and collect feedback.
  • [X] As a user I would like a way to share my polls on a variety of social networks so that I can gather my results.
  • [X] As a user I would like to be notified whenever someone answers my poll.
  • [X] As a user I would like to prevent multiple people from taking the same poll twice without requiring them to login.
  • [X] As a user I would like to display the results of my post in a graphical manner so that I can visually understand the various poll answers.
  • [X] As a user I would like to set an end time to my poll and prevent any additional responses when that date is met.

Needed Improvements

  • Pool database and cache connections more efficiently.
  • Improve build process with Makefile to pass in static golang binary (Dockerfile currently is go-getting all dependencies causing the images to be very large.
  • Refactor GetResponseCounts(...) because its EXTREMELY inefficient. Might be better just storing count in Redis.
  • Break out domains into separately executable services and use gRPC or RabbitMQ for between services.
  • Use document storage for aggregating quick snapshots for poll results.
  • Take better advantage of cache layer for data access.
  • API Model Validation (currently, there is none...oops).
  • Add supervisor process to monitor golang app to keep it running.
  • Use a better abstraction for centralized configuration.
  • Pass in init script when initializing Postgres database.
  • Hash passwords instead of storing them as plain text :)
  • Use Consul or other mechanism for discovering infrastructure service endpoints.
  • Relay error messages from backend to frontend.

Known Problems

  • Email notifications might be blocked by SMTP relay
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