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Base image with tools used in children
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Alpine base


VOL-save will backup directory inside container.

VOL-restore will restore container from container (usually into VOLUME).



For customizing CMD command by adding init hooks before default.


  • 010-$INIT-050-init some init's init command
  • 010-$INIT-200-finish some init's finish command
  • Default serice's priority is 100, pre-default is 050 and after-default is 200
  • 100-$SERVICE-100-default is default service's start command
  • 100-$SERVICE-050-init could be some before-start initialization commands for service


For backing up and restore only changed dirs, that used as a VOLUMEs.

For example during some package install it will create /etc/bla, which you then will add as a VOLUME. But on run this mounted from host volume could be empty and could have not all files, that it should be.

So here are those 010-volumes-* hooks will come to stage.


docker build --tag=ekapusta/alpine-base .


docker run --rm --interactive --tty ekapusta/alpine-base sh
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