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Javascript testing (i.e. Mocha) inside a Docker image with headless Google Chrome!
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Chromium in Docker via Xvfb

This Docker image provides a way to run a real Chromium / Chrome browser
headless inside of a Docker container. If you're looking for a way to run your Mocha or Jasmine Selenium tests
against Chrome using Docker, this is the project you've been looking for!

Use cases include:

Run Javascript tests with ChimpJS inside of Docker during local development or GitLab CI builds
Run Selenium-powered browser automation tests using NodeJS inside of Docker during your CI builds
and pretty much anything else where you'd want to use a real Chrome browser within a Docker container


  • markadams/chromium-xvfb
    Base Docker image (Installs Debian, Chromium, Xvfb).
  • markadams/chromium-xvfb-js
    Designed for running headless JS tests in Chromium (includes iojs (node) and npm).
    This image automatically runs npm install and npm test.


The key to this project and to getting Chromium / Google Chrome to work inside
of a container is the wrapper script, xvfb-chromium.

The wrapper script does the following things:

Adds JRE and Git, so you can spin GitLab-CI Runners.

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