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.NET Web Application Enviroment with nginx + mono + fastcgi
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This is a docker image for thous who need stable mono 3.10 web application environment

Base Docker Image


Install Docker.

Download automated build from public Docker Hub Registry:
docker pull elasbit/mono-fastcgi-nginx


Build your project, create a Dockerfile, copy the application to /var/www and start runit:

FROM elasbit/mono-fastcgi-nginx
ADD build/release /var/www/
CMD ["/usr/sbin/runit_bootstrap"]

Build your container

docker build -t web_app_name .

Run it, forwarding the host's port 8080 to the container's port 80

docker run --rm -i -t -p 8080:80 web_app_name

You should now be able to access the app on your local machine port 8080

Docker Pull Command