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(XEL) Elastic Project - The Decentralized Supercomputer
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On Unix

1. Get the Docker repository:

git clone

2. Now, use the simple scripts to create the docker container and launch an instance.
So, first of all: create the container (this has to be done only once):


3. Now you can use


to launch Elastic, and


to stop it again.

The web wallet will listen on http://localhost:6876.

If you want to remove Elastic entirely, just do:


On Windows

1. Get the Elastic Docker

You might be have Docker Hub account and you must be login on your Docker Terminal

docker pull ordinarydude/elastic-docker

(optional) If you don't want to create account, you can use;

docker build

2. Check your docker machine ip

docker-machine ip

Default docker machine is working on

3. Now you can run your elastic-docker image

docker run -p -p ordinarydude/elastic-docker

The web wallet will listen on

If you want to stop it; List your active containers

docker ps

Then copy your elastic-docker container ID. It is look like this: 289f3ec65f6b

docker stop 289f3ec65f6b

Docker Pull Command

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