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A Slack bot that tracks the number of messages sent by "gender" whatever it means for a user.
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Diversity Bot

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The idea for this little bot came from this website <>_ which I
found on Twitter. I think it was a brilliant idea and though there might be
a way to integrate that with Slack.

And here is the result, a bot that tracks gender a user's specified gender and
counts the number of messages posted for a channel broken down by "gender".

Diversity Bot only tracks messages in channels that it's been added to.

Gender Identity

For most people, gender implies either male or female, man or woman. This
very binary view isn't something everybody agrees to. This includes this little
program as well. Since there are tons of resources out there that have a more
eloquent way of phrasing this, here's on that I think is great:

The gender identity of an individual may not conform to social expectations
about gender based on anatomy and appearance, or to the gender assigned
that individual at birth. Be aware that some individuals identify
themselves as transgender and that some individuals do not identify with
the "gender binary" at all; that is, they do not identify themselves as
being male or female, man or woman.

    -- `Inclusive Language Guidelines, Queen's University <>`__

With this said, the idea behind this bot is to allow people to define whatever
"gender" means for them, or not at all. If you want to participate, great; if
you don't like it, tell Diversity Bot to "shut up".

How It Works

Diversity Bot can be added to any Slack channel and will start collecting the
number of messages sent and the gender that each users identifies with. If
a user hasn't told Diversity Bot their gender identity, it will ask you about
it in a direct message DM.

.. image:: docs/images/diversity_bot_dm.png

You can change it at any time by simply sending a DM to Diversity Bot.

And if you don't like the idea of identifying your gender, you can tell
Diversity Bot to shut up and it will leave you alone...very respectful.

Seeing The Stats

If you want to see that stats for a channel, just post something like:

.. code::

@diversity-bot show me the stats

and they'll be posted in response. Simple as that 😎.

.. image:: docs/images/see_the_stats.png

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