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Dockerized GeoCouch

Dockeried CouchdDB 1.6.1 with GeoCouch.

Build and start the container

git clone
cd docker-geocouch
docker build -t elecnix/docker-geocouch:1.6.1 .

After the build is complete, the container can be either created and started

docker create -ti -p 5984:5984 elecnix/docker-geocouch:1.6.1
docker start <container id>

...or created and run directly, opening a BASH shell within the container itself

docker run -ti -p 5984:5984 elecnix/docker-geocouch:1.6.1


  • Exposes couchdb on port 5984 of the container
  • Runs everything as user couchdb (security ftw!)
  • Couchdb is run as a service
  • No user is set in CouchDB (welcome to the admin party!)
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