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LibreMap is a scalable, global and decentralized router database and map visualization for community networks, such as guifi, Altermundi, FunkFeuer, ninux, freifunk, Commotion... It emerged around the is4cwn by merging the maps of AlterMap (Altermundi) and OpenWiFiMap (freifunk).

LibreMap consists of 2 main parts:

  • libremap-webui (this repo!): the HTML5 web app, see
  • libremap-api: the CouchDB server design document that exposes the LibreMap API.

Goals of LibreMap:

  • show the state of all community networks, both on a global and local scale.
  • decentralized.
  • easy to use and extend.
  • independent of involved routing protocols and other technical details.
  • scale up to global level (>100k routers).
  • share open data for community networks.

There's a presentation (slides) from the is4cwn that explains the concept and some details.

Set up your own LibreMap website


You need the following:

  • node.js (>= 0.8.0) and its great package manager npm.
  • Grunt - can be installed by running: npm install -g grunt-cli
  • Bower - can be installed by running npm install -g bower


  1. Clone the repo: git clone and change to the repo dir: cd libremap-webui.
  2. Download dependencies: npm install and bower install.
  3. Copy config.json.example to config.json and configure your LibreMap API URL there. If you don't have your own LibreMap API you can use an existing one, for example
  4. Run grunt and open in your browser.
  5. Deployment: you have 2 options:
    1. Make the files under build available with an HTTP server of your choice.
    2. Use a CouchDB server (recommended if you also run your own LibreMap API):
      1. Copy couch.json.example to couch.json and configure your CouchDB server there.
      2. Push the webui design document to your CouchDB server (for example the dev target in couch.json) by running grunt push --couch dev.

Bugs and feature requests

Please use the issues tracker if you found a bug or have an idea how to improve LibreMap!


LibreMap is maintained by André and Nico. There is a mailing list for questions and discussions about LibreMap, so feel free to drop a line there!


LibreMap is licensed under GPL3.

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