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Docker Demo Repository

Demonstration repository for use when learning how to set up
docker containers for workshops.

Create your own github repository

Browse to

On github, Fork this repository to your own username

Copy the URL for your repository

In the docker-demo directory in your local clone do:

% git init
% git remote add origin <YOUR REPOSITORY URL>
% git remote -v
% git push origin master

In a browser, browse to
Sign in with Github
"Add Repository" - Automated Build
Select the repository that you just created
The build will start - it will show up as "pending", it could finish in a few minutes or several hours

To set the system up on Windows or Macintosh using Docker:

  • install boot2docker
  • boot2docker init
  • boot2docker start
  • boot2docker init <returns boot2docker IP>
    // Set environment variables as directed
  • docker run -i -t -p 80:3000 <username>/docker-demo /bin/bash

    node toppings.js

    Browse to <boot2docker IP>

There, you've created your own docker container. All you need is the Dockerfile to tell the system how to build, and any changes you make to the git respository will kick off a new build in docker.


Apache 2.0


Copyright Kirsten Hunter

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