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FROM node MAINTAINER Melissa Anderson <> # Set the version of NarraFirma ENV NF_VERSION 0.9.2 # Temporary superuser name and password. These should be overridden when # the container is run ENV NF_SUPERUSER superuser ENV NF_PASSWORD password # Get dependencies RUN apt-get install curl RUN npm install -g typescript # Run as a non-privileged user RUN groupadd -r narrafirma && useradd -r -m -g narrafirma narrafirma USER narrafirma WORKDIR /home/narrafirma # Get narrafirma RUN curl -LO$NF_VERSION.tar.gz RUN tar -xzvf v$NF_VERSION.tar.gz # Compile the javascript. true is set to allow the build to complete despite tsc errors. WORKDIR /home/narrafirma/narrafirma-$NF_VERSION/webapp/js RUN tsc; true # Run the application WORKDIR /home/narrafirma/narrafirma-$NF_VERSION/server CMD node admin.js update-superuser $NF_SUPERUSER $NF_PASSWORD && node NarraFirmaServer.js
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