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This is a simple web proxy e.g. for Docker setups
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Web Proxy

This is a simple web proxy e.g. for Docker setups. The purpose is to run this proxy on port 80 and additional web projects on several other ports e.g. 50001, 50002, etc. Through the web proxy, all web projects are available by port 80. The differentiation is possible by different domains for these web projects.


Append an arbitrary number of hosts and destinations to the program name, e.g. for Linux and macOS ./WebProxy myhost1=> myhost2=> In this example, any request where the host contains myhost1 will be fed by, etc. Instead of a domain name, the destination could be an IP address: ./WebProxy myhost1=> myhost2=> The matching of the host part allows partial matching. Thus, myhost1 will match e.g. as well as, etc. pp.

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