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Redis-cluster example
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Docker image with redis built and installed from source.

The main usage for this container is to test redis cluster code. For example in repo.

The cluster is 6 redis instances running with 3 master & 3 slaves, one slave for each master. They run on ports 7000 to 7005.

It also contains 2 standalone instances that is not part of the cluster. They are running on port 7006 & 7007

The image will build the tag 3.0.6 from the redis git repo.

This image requires Docker above version 1.0

Available tags

The following tags with pre-built images is available on docker-hub. They are based on the tags in this repo.

  • Latest (Is the highest tag that currently exists in the redis repo [3.2-rc1 currently])
  • 3.2-rc1 (See 3.2.x branch)
  • 3.0.6 (Built from master branch)
  • 0.2.1 (Based on one of the earlier 3.0.x redis tags. Should no longer be used)


If you want to use docker-compose (fig) please read next section.

Either download the latest build from docker hub with docker pull grokzen/redis-cluster:3.0.6 and run it with docker run -i -t grokzen/redis-cluster:3.0.6.

Or to build the image, use either make build or make rebuild. It will be built to the image name grokzen/redis-cluster.

To start the image use make run. It will be started in the background. To gain access to the running image you can get a bash session by running make bash.

Redis cli can be used with make cli to gain access to one of the cluster servers.

Docker compose (fig)

This image contains a compose.yml file that can be used with docker-compose (fig) to run the image. Docker compose is simpler to use then the old Makefile.

Build the image with docker-compose -f compose.yml build.

Start the image after building with docker-compose -f compose.yml up. Add -d to run the server in background/detatched mode.

Known Issues

If you get a error when rebuilding the image that docker can't do dns lookup on then you need to modify docker to use google IPv4 DNS lookups. Read the following link and uncomment the line in /etc/default/docker and restart your docker daemon and it should be fixed.

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