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ACME Daemon.
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This is a daemon that handles the querying of Let's Encrypt certificates.


There is a staging letsencrypt key in the repo:

$ ACCOUNT_JSON="$(cat $(pwd)/devaccount.json)" LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG gunicorn wsgi:app --worker-class gevent -w 4 --reload
$ http POST

To make a staging account:

  • Edit to not require a successful validation to write the account_key.json
    Look at the end of the persist_new_data() function.
  • simp_le --server -d$(pwd)/devaccount -f account_key.json -f cert.pem -f chain.pem -f key.pem --default_root .


  • Two images, both on DockerHub Public.
  • Built via Github push.


Note that this, I think, must be in a format as generated by simp_le?
It is does proprietary? Or is it JWRSA?


Instead of simp_le, use:

How it works

/add API to request a cert for a domain.
/get to see if a cert exists for a domain.

When you add, the cert is added to an internal queue. We could use
a real queue system later, but this was easiest for now. Because
of the fragility of this, you should think of this more of an
call-style API that might fail. It's up to you to persist certs,
and call into /add again if the first attempt failed (this one will
not repeat that).

It's also up to you to renew the certs.

Persistence of the certs: This system, for now, is not intended
to persist the certificates. It actually has a system to do this,
but I added it as a crutch, to allow the caller of the system to
treat the cert as something that can be recreated (without actual

Maybe I am still not sure what this service is supposed to be.

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