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Docker Thumbor container

NOTE: THis is currently broken, I am using for now.

Adapted from


$ docker run -p 80:8888 elsdoerfer/thumbor
$ wget http://dockerip:80/unsafe/300x0/smart/


The container comes with a default configuration, that includes:

  • Using OpenCV feature/face detection (in non-lazy mode).
  • Using the filesystem storage, in /srv/thumbor/storage.
  • Unsafe urls are enabled.
  • The Sentry raven package is installed, but Sentry-based error reporting
    is not enabled by default, use the CONFIG option.

You can find the full default configuration in the ./config directory.

To customize the configuration, you have two options:

First, you can provide the file /etc/persistent-conf/thumbor.conf via
mounting. The contents of this file will be appended to the default

Second, you can provide the environment variable CONFIG, which will
be appended to the default configuration.


In the default configuration, this is the image cache.

A place to mount in custom configuration.

Environment variables

Custom configuration; inserted directly into the Python-syntax
configuration file.

Sets the security key and disallows "unsafe" urls.
This is applied after CONFIG.


This message:

"libdc1394 error: Failed to initialize libdc1394"

from OpenCV seems to be a warning only.

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