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Docker Image to run interactively
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Launch with the following shell-script:

# based on stackoverflow-entry
export user=$(whoami)

#specify a single local user to run x-server
xhost +si:localuser:$user

# -i sets up an interactive session; -t allocates a pseudo tty; --rm makes this container ephemeral
# sets the host display to the local machines display (which will usually be :0)
# -u specify the process should be run by a user (here docker) and not by root. This step is important (v.i.)!
# -v bind mounts the X11 socket residing in /tmp/.X11-unix on your local machine into /tmp/.X11-unix in the container and :ro makes the socket read only.
docker run -t -i --rm\
           -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY\
           -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix:ro\
           eluhu/xppjl /bin/bash
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