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Use this image to run Oracle 12c EE database within a Docker container.
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Running the database

To run a container use:

docker run --shm-size=256m -it \
    -p 1521:1521 \
    --name db-FOO embedit/oracle /bin/bash

Note that on MS Windows --shm-size needs to be bigger (on Win7 it needs at least 364 MB, but the setting may differ).

This will run a docker container and name it db-FOO.

No database has yet been created. To create a database, run following scripts in the container:


The database creation takes a while, so please be patient.

After the listener has been started you should be able to connect to the database using


To start and stop container db-FOO:

docker start db-FOO
docker stop db-FOO

To invoke interactive shell in the running container db-FOO:

docker exec -it db-FOO /bin/bash


  • DB SID can not contain dashes and other illegal characters - consult Oracle docs for more info.


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