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Official Emby Media Server (amd64)
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Emby Media Server


Emby Server is a home media server built on top of other popular open source technologies such as Service Stack, jQuery, jQuery mobile, and .NET Core.

It features a REST-based API with built-in documention to facilitate client development. We also have client libraries for our API to enable rapid development.

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  • latest: latest stable release
  • beta: latest beta release


Before reporting your issue please try updating Docker to the latest version and check if it resolves the issue. Refer to the Docker installation guide for instructions.

SELinux users should try disabling SELinux using the command setenforce 0 to see if it resolves the issue.

If the above recommendations do not help then report your issue along with the following information:

  • Output of the docker version and docker info commands
  • The docker run command or docker-compose.yml used to start the image. Mask out the sensitive bits.
  • Please state if you are using Boot2Docker, VirtualBox, etc.

Getting started


It is recommended you install directly from the Docker Hub.

docker pull emby/embyserver:latest

The new .NET Core version is entirely configured via the command line. The launcher script and configuration files are gone, as well as the in-place update feature. Updates are now retrieved by simply pulling the latest image from the hub.

The container can be run using the following command:

docker run -d \
    --volume /path/to/programdata:/config \ # This is mandatory
    --volume /path/to/share1:/mnt/share1 \ # To mount a first share
    --volume /path/to/share2:/mnt/share2 \ # To mount a second share
    --device /dev/dri/renderD128 \ # To mount a render node for VAAPI
    --publish 8096:8096 \ # To expose the HTTP port
    --publish 8920:8920 \ # To expose the HTTPS port
    --env UID=1000 \ # The UID to run emby as (default: 2)
    --env GID=100 \ # The GID to run emby as (default 2)
    --env GIDLIST=100 \ # A comma-separated list of additional GIDs to run emby as (default: 2)

Please adapt the UID, GID and GIDLIST values to match the owner of your media files. GIDLIST is also useful to grant access to VAAPI render nodes.


The command used to install should also be used to upgrade:

docker pull emby/embyserver:latest


Emby now comes with a VAAPI-enabled ffmpeg out of the box on Intel platforms with HD graphics. For VAAPI to work, emby needs access to a render node, usually /dev/dri/renderD128. On most modern distros, this render node belongs to the video group. All you need to do is mount the render node and add the video group GID to the GIDLIST variable as described above.

You can get its GID using the following command:

getent group video | cut -d: -f3


Please navigate to the Docker settings page on unRAID's Web-UI and under repositories add:

For more information on adding templates to unRAID please visit the unRAID forums.

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