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Mars Challenge

Sensor client

The Sensor Client will run on the Raspberry PI and will expose a Websocket endpoint for the aggregator service to obtain the sensor readings and subsequently send them to the Game Controller.

Run the sensor client:

go run *.go


Docker container

The Docker image for the Sensor Client is located in Docker hub. To get the image just run docker pull emccode/mars-challenge-client.


In the following case we are going to listen on the port 80 on our host machine that will bind to the container's exposed port 8080.

docker run -d --name=sensor -p 80:8080  emccode/mars-challenge-client


The game controller has the following dependencies:

  • mux: go get
  • websockets: go get


The websocket endpoint is located in /ws. It sends the following JSON structure every second corresponding to the Sensor data.

Field Description
solarFlare Whether there is a solar flare or not. Values are either true or false
temperature Float value ranging from -142 to 35 representing the current temperature in Celsius.
radiation Integer value ranging from 0 to 1000.

The endpoint in / (root) contains a basic Javascript client that connects to the Websocket endpoint.

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