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The collector listens on a Twitter hashtag, extracts images, and uploads them to an object store
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What is MosaicMe?

Mosaicme is a microservice application that retrieves images from selected Twitter feeds, stores them on an object store, and then it process them to build a mosaic based on a selected set of pictures.

Mosaicme's goal is to provide developers with working example in how to build a distributed microservice application using best practices. The application includes the following

How to use this image

Start an instance

You need to create and populate a .env configuration file with the right connection details. Here is an example of what the .env file looks like.

First, you need to start the RabbitMQ container.

docker run -d -e RABBITMQ_NODENAME=my-rabbit -p "" --name my-rabbit rabbitmq

Afterwards, let's start the Celery workers that will be in charge of uploading the mosaics to the object store and notifying the engine.

docker run -d --link my-rabbit:rabbit emccode/mosaicme-collector celery -A tasks worker --loglevel=info

And finally, let's run the MosaicMe collector with the selected queue, bucket, and hashtag. Note that you can run as many collectors as you want with different configurations.

docker run -d --link my-rabbit:rabbit --env-file .env -e "MOSAIC_QUEUE=mosaic-in" -e "MOSAIC_BUCKET=mosaic-in" -e "MOSAIC_LISTEN_HASHTAG=mosaicme" emccode/mosaicme-collector
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