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Record Twitter media content like a DVR to S3 object storage
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Configuring with a static configuration file can be done by running docker run -ti -p 80:8080 -v $(pwd):/config emccode/twittercord where you specify a mount of the local directory to /config where a file exists. Environment variables can still be used to override.

Configuring with environment variables takes priority over the items configured in a file.
docker run -ti -p 80:8080 -e s3_host='ip_or_fqdn' -e s3_port='10101' -e s3_akia='wuser1@sanity.local' -e s3_secret='secret' -e s3_bucket_name=social -e s3_store_in=selfie -e twitter_keys="['app_key1','app_key2','user_key1','user_key2']" -e twitter_filter="{'track':'selfie'}" -e check_geo_coords='True' -e check_retweeted_status='True' -e check_possibly_sensitive='True' -e geo_box_coords_long_lat='-125,24,-14,83' -e s3_connect="boto.connect_s3(lc_s3_akia,lc_s3_secret,is_secure=False,host=lc_s3_host,port=lc_s3_port,calling_format=OrdinaryCallingFormat())" emccode/twittercord

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