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Extended WordPress Docker image with Nginx Helper and Redis Object Cache support
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From WordPress, extended with Nginx Helper and Redis Object Cache support.

Inherits regular setup from the WordPress Docker image.

PHP-FPM only - requires a partner Nginx container to forward traffic to port 9000.

Injects environment variables prefixed with WPFPM_ into wp-config.php during each container startup.

Recommended Environment

The docker-compose.yml file injects 2 variables into wp-config.php:

WPFPM_WP_REDIS_HOST: redis # Name of the Redis container
WPFPM_RT_WP_NGINX_HELPER_CACHE_PATH: "/tmp/cache" # Set in wp-nginx.conf

Quick Run

docker pull emcniece/wordpress

Update docker-compose.yml with local directory paths (to load wp-nginx.conf and uploads.ini properly), then execute:

docker-compose up -d
Docker Pull Command

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