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Provides Docker images and orchestration for various Fedora API-X components.
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fuseki Dockerfile

This image provides a Fuseki runtime.

Environment variables and default values

  • APPS=/opt
  • SHARED=/shared
  • FUSEKI_HOME=${APPS}/apache-jena-fuseki-2.3.1
  • FUSEKI_BASE=${SHARED}/fuseki-data
  • FUSEKI_JAR=fuseki-server.jar
  • FUSEKI_DEFAULT_DATASET=/fcrepo-triple-index
  • DEBUG_PORT=5009

Exposed ports

  • 3030


The entrypoint is used to evaluate any environment variables that may have been set at run time, such as ${DEBUG_PORT}.

Example Usage


Logs displayed to the console, allows container to be killed using CTRL-C.

$ docker run -ti emetsger/apix-fuseki:2.3.1


Enable Java remote debugging on ${DEBUG_PORT}

$ docker run -ti -e DEBUG emetsger/apix-fuseki:2.3.1

Display logs

Logs are by default echoed out to the console. However, if you're in a different shell window and want to see them:

$ docker logs <container name>

Obtain a shell

To obtain a shell in a running container, first start the container, and then in another shell window run:

$ docker exec -ti <container name> /bin/bash

Alternately, to simply shell into a non-existent container, override the entrypoint:

$ docker run -ti --entrypoint=/bin/bash emetsger/apix-fuseki:2.3.1

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